Pebora corp.

Head office 154-264 Oaza Inuotose Furumaki Misawa city Aomori 033-0000
Capital amount JPY 8,000,000
Employee 14
Establish 2014/6/16
Company excutive Seiko Kawamura
Atsuko Kawamura
Main bank Aomori Bank, Misawa branch
Group company Kawacho Corp.


We are selling Japanese rice mainly, and also other groceries and kitchen goods that related to rice.
We ‘re also running a Japanese restaurant where our rice can be served and mulipurpose rental sutudio that can be proposed creating healthy body and mind.
39-3 Oaza Tamukai bishamonmae Hachinohe city Aomori 031-0011 JAPAN
PRODUCT Manufacture and sales for “Pebora”, rice in plastic bottle.
JAPANESE RICE Selling choice rice from all over Japan.
KITCHENWARE Selling kitchenware and apron.
ONLINE SHOP Running Japanese food onlin shop.
RICE BRAN Selling rice bran product “denuka”.
BENTO&DELI Selling deli and bento including rice ball.
RENTAL STUDIO Retal 502 multi-purpose studio that can be used for dancers, seminars and etc...
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